Launch of the Emotional Emancipation Circles Movement

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Launch of the Emotional Emancipation Circles Movement

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Post Date: May 15, 2012

Community Healing Network is working with Mayor Omar Neal of Tuskegee, Alabama, the Association of Black Psychologists, and Symphonic Strategies to make Tuskegee the nation’s first “community healing model city.”

We are developing resources that will serve as templates for expanding the movement for emotional emancipation across the country and around the world.

We are building a grassroots network of Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circles— self-help groups focused on emotional emancipation, healing, and wellness for Black people. EE Circles are safe, flexible spaces where we as Black people come together to revitalize ourselves and our relationships with each other, learn about the impact of historical forces on our emotional lives, share our stories, and detoxify our minds and spirits--to make way for healing and wellness in our personal lives, families, and communities.

We are developing and piloting an Emotional Emancipation Circles Toolkit and Resource Guide to provide tools that will help Black people launch and sustain EE Circles in their families, neighborhoods, and faith communities.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Contact us at to:

1.      Participate in the Tuskegee EE Circles Pilot Program;

2.      Help us pilot EE Circles in your community;

3.      Contribute suggestions and ideas for the EE Circles Resource Guide;

4.      Share your expertise

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